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How a GIF Works

Whether you spend lots of time on social media or just like browsing the internet, you’re likely to have come across GIFs and wondered how they actually work. A GIF or Graphics Interchange Format chains together files into a single animated image. However, each pixel with the GIF can only be one of 256 colors, so they tend to look low res with lower frame

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6 Ways to Prepare For a Headshot Session

Whether you’re an aspiring actor wanting to showcase yourself to casting directors, or a business person looking to boost your business brand, a headshot is a powerful tool for self-marketing. Here we’ll explore how to prepare for your headshot session with a professional photographer to ensure you get a great headshot. Clothing Clothes are an effective form of expression, and your choice of clothing can

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Best Background for eCommerce Photography? In Context or White?

Even skimming eCommerce websites will show lines of sleek products floating on a clean, white background. While most business owners appreciate the importance of high-quality images on a site and how it can affect conversion rates, studies show that 90 percent of website owners choose to have photographs edited to remove any background and replace it with basic white. Although white backgrounds are industry standard,

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5 Reasons Why Corporate Photography is Essential for Your Business

No matter what line of business you’re in, having a professional image is extremely important to cultivate the right impression. The images that are used on your website, for social media and to showcase your products or services are evaluated on an unconscious level by your clients and potential customers. A study carried out by the BBC showed that visual information could be responsible for

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Headshots: All You Need to Know & Why They Are Important

The Importance of a Good Headshot When you think about the term headshots, you may consider this to be solely the concern of actors, but this is no longer the case. In the past, actors needed headshots to present to agents, casting directors and other professionals in the entertainment industry. However, today every business owner appreciates that social media is vital for developing new business

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7 Common Jewelry Photography Mistakes

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