Wagner Photi-Grafx is a full service studio located in northern New Jersey offering contact-less delivery methods both in the studio and on location.
Please call Steve Wagner for details. (847) 275-3936


In most cases a single image can be delivered via email. For larger jobs we can deliver using Dropbox or a variety of other image transfer sites. If necessary, images can be loaded onto an external disk for physical delivery.



Digital images serve many purposes and applications. Everything I shoot is high resolution but for some usages that’s just too much information. Web images need to be reduced in size and optimized for quick loading on web pages. For print the full resolution image is required for the best looking print job.


Image Processing

Even though we don’t use chemicals any more, rough images improve when finessed and retouched to be their best. Depending on your needs and the number of final images, this could take some time to finish.

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Your raw images can be loaded to a web site for your review, approval and shot picks.



We’ll meet to collaborate on-set to capture images that tell your story. This is where the magic happens!



We organize a shot list and schedule. Special materials, backgrounds and props are gathered and crew booked if necessary. The shoot date is set.


Nuts & Bolts

We discuss How to Do It.  Studio vs. Location shoot, angles, lighting, focus, backgrounds, props, set building, styling, special effects and retouching are considered to show off your products.  We also cover Usage Rights language and payment schedules. A deposit is required for first time clients.

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We collaborate to determine your needs.  A single photo on white background or complicated scenario or idea translated into a marquis image.



What do you want to say with your images?  Is there an emotion you would like to attach to your products? We consult to determine the usage and budget for production and implementation of your photos.  A thousand words is a lot of communication in a single picture!