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7 Common Jewelry Photography Mistakes

A good photograph makes jewelry with even the most intricate of details stand out, shine, and radiate. High-quality photos which show off a piece of jewelry’s details and design can make the product an easy sell — but what happens when jewelry product photography fails?

Taking photographs of jewelry can be difficult. It involves taking pictures of often very small, detailed, and intricate pieces which, without the right photographer and style, can easily result in a failed photo shoot. Not only are jewelry products extremely small, but they can also be extremely difficult to stage. Simple mistakes during a jewelry product shoot can result in some pretty poor shots which do nothing for the piece or the brand.

There are ways, though, to avoid a sloppy or poor photography shoot. Here are 7 common jewelry photography mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

1. A Complicated Background
Some inexperienced retailers tend to think that a busy background full of colors or patterns can bring an image to life. The fact is, complicated backgrounds are distractions. They take away from what a photograph should be about — which is the piece of jewelry it is trying to sell. It is best to keep your product images simple and clear. You can do this by photographing products against a white or light grey background. Avoid making the mistake of adding colorful or active backgrounds. The piece of jewelry is unique enough, so don’t try to take away from that. Keep it simple and provide an easy shopping experience for your customers while showing off your product.

2. Inconsistency

When you are taking photographs of your jewelry, it’s important to stay consistent throughout all your images. If images of your product vary in style and pattern, it not only confuses customers but can also affect the professional appearance of your business and your product. Make sure that all your images are taken in the same style to ensure that you are being consistent.

3. Props

Similar to a busy background, the unnecessary use of props can distract customers and draw attention away from the product you are trying to sell. Although there are times when it is necessary to use props, the overuse of props in jewelry photography can affect the way customers see a product, which can also affect whether they buy the product or not. Your photograph should be clean and simple. It should make the jewelry shine and ensure that the customer isn’t distracted by anything else.

4. Photoshop

Bad photoshop can kill a photograph — and the resulting sale — faster than most common photography mistakes. If your photos are badly retouched or even look fake, customers will not take your product seriously. They may also see it as a dishonest way to advertise your products to your customers. This will also reflect your company and could potentially damage your reputation. If you are photoshopping your pictures, it’s best to invest in a good software that you are skilled in or even hire a professional.

5. Reflections

The reflections that bounce off of camera lenses from shining and reflective jewelry are not only distracting but also damaging to the entire appearance of the piece. This is because it is easy to mistake reflections for flaws in a piece of jewelry  

To avoid potentially damaging reflections in jewelry product photography, place the product on a stable surface and use studio lights on either side to block reflections. You can also try to change the position of the jewelry or zoom in. There are also many professional guides online which can walk you through how to set up your shoot to prevent reflections.

6. Smudged Products

Smeared or smudged products can ruin a jewelry product photograph, yet this is one of the most common (and avoidable) mistakes retailers or photographers often make. A camera will pick up on the slightest of smudges and smears, showing details which are simply not visible to the naked eye. Clean your jewelry thoroughly (be sure to wear gloves) before photographing it and after every time you touch it to avoid any smudges or smears which can make the product look unpleasant or cheap.

7.  The Focus

If you are taking photographs with poor focus, it will take away from the cleanness and sharpness of the photograph. It will also take away from the professionalism of the product image itself. Remember: you are trying to sell your products. This means that you have to take full focus pictures of your jewelry which show off the entire product. Focus on creating a clean and sharp image that shows the entire piece of jewelry. This will allow your customers to see the whole piece and every single tiny detail on it.

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