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About Steve Wagner

The digital revolution has brought about changes in photography, but a professional, schooled in the fundamentals, with years of experience, will take a better digital picture for you.

I inherited the photography bug from my father, who was versatile in many of the arts. From him, I learned the science and magic of the darkroom – out of those careful confines, bringing into the light a beautiful photograph. I also learned sculpture under his guidance which continues to inform every digital photograph I take.

Sculpture taught me the importance of dimension, choosing the optimum angle, understanding on an instinctual level how the light falling on an object will define it in the photograph. Jewelry photography is one of my specialties. In a very real sense, jewelry is sculpture on a small scale. But these considerations come strongly into play in all product photography.

When photographers were still shooting film, more of them thought about the lighting, composition and end usage that was necessary before releasing the shutter. For a photographer like me, with traditional training, that thinking is still there. Which means I’ll get it right for you the first time. This is something very important in a professional setting where cost and deadline are paramount.

Of course, I also photograph people. People are unique photographic subjects where attitude matters. Producing the right head shot is an art which I’m proud to say I have mastered.

I’m looking to connect with jewelers, and with art directors at agencies and corporations who appreciate the difference between the average photographer and one with the background to achieve your vision.

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It’s who’s behind the camera that matters.

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