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Lightbox Photos
How to use a lightbox in your office
Lightbox Photos
Light Boxes are great for getting your in-office studio started.
Lightbox Photos
Light Boxes are great for documenting your merchandise
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Steve Wagner

Lightbox Photography Tips

Lightboxes can offer a simple way to capture images

Hiring a pro will always be best but for basic image capture lightboxes offer an affordable way to get started



Light tents

 Does your business require a steady stream of good product images for social media, marketing and documentation?  Not ready to make the financial commitment of hiring a professional photographer?


Many small business owners have chosen to invest their time to set up a small light box studio in their work space and control the workflow from beginning to end. Yes, it takes a significant amount of time to research, set up and deploy lighting, camera systems, software and computers to properly learn and use how to capture quality images.  Not to mention the cost of equipment and dedicating valuable space in a small business to a photo studio.



How to make them most effective

There are many options for lightbox studios that can be quickly deployed but all require an additional investment in camera & lens gear and a decent computer.  Some systems include lights and proprietary software to streamline the workflow. 

There are ways to create your own lightbox from scratch but a more realistic approach might be one of the many available lightboxes on the market.  What are the best lightboxes?  It depends on your needs and budget, but I recommend:


  • FOSITAN Photo Box – Best large light box for photography.
  • Foldio3 Portable Product Photo Studio Light Box with Halo Bars – Best portable photo studio light box.
  • Travor Photo Light Box — no surprise here! We included this one because of its extensive range of backdrop colors and top-line LED light beads.
  • GODOX LST40 —It’s considered to be one of the best overall choices for under $60.
  • Neweer Photo Studio Light Box — easy setup and adjustable brightness levels make it a favorite.

What is the best light box for jewelry photography?  I recommend the Travor Photo Light Box for great jewelry shots. High-quality LED lighting and multiple backdrop colors make it a good choice, It has great reviews.

Are photography light boxes worth it?  Absolutely! Whether you’re an amateur on a budget or a pro with a large workflow, there’s a photo light box out there that can help you better capture your product images.

But remember, photography is only part of the story.  Your images will require retouching and digital adjustment to look polished and show your products in the best light.

Not every project is best served by an in-house lightbox studio.  Need help?  Wagner Photo-Grafx offers consulting to get your office studio and workflow set up right.  Or call for a quote to let us handle your next project.

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