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Best Background for eCommerce Photography? In Context or White?

Even skimming eCommerce websites will show lines of sleek products floating on a clean, white background. While most business owners appreciate the importance of high-quality images on a site and how it can affect conversion rates, studies show that 90 percent of website owners choose to have photographs edited to remove any background and replace it with basic white. Although white backgrounds are industry standard, should you consider alternatives for your website?

The Benefits of a White Background

A white background is a popular option for eCommerce sites for excellent reasons. Whether you’re selling jewelry, furniture or fashion items, a white background will offer a number of benefits including:

  • Promotion of Consistency

Using a white backdrop across your entire product range ensures consistency; it contributes to a uniform aesthetic and feel throughout your site. While you may be aware of the importance of brand identity, you may not have considered how this impacts photography. Imagine how distracting and confusing it would be for your potential buyer if each product were presented in different lighting, at different angles, and against a different background.

  • Product Emphasis

A white background means that there are no distractions. It allows focus on presenting the quality and detail of your product, without having a distracting backdrop or focal point.

  • Money Saving

Using white backdrops allow you to simplify your shooting process. The costs of a photography shoot can easily spiral out of control when you need to hire a model, search out locations and source an art director, but a white background will eliminate the need for these expenses. A white background requires a relatively simple process and minimizes the need for greater technical expertise.

  • Streamlines the Editing Process

When you are shooting and editing your products in the context of scenery, the differences of color, focus and lighting can lead to a number of complications. When you have your products against a simple backdrop, making editing the images of your products a lot less time-consuming.

Why Photograph Products in Context?

Since white backgrounds offer such great benefits, is there even an argument to photograph your products in context? In fact, shooting your products in context can be highly beneficial and may have a positive impact on conversion rates. It can offer:

  • Conveyance of a Richer Message

Photographing a product in context can tell a story and bring the product to life. For example, fashion items can be enriched by having images of models putting products into a real-world setting.

  • Encourages Aspiration

Showcasing an aspirational setting can enhance your product’s desirability. Your potential customer doesn’t need to have to imagine what that mirror will look like in their home, as they can see it as a part of a beautifully designed interior. This can encourage aspiration that can make them want it even more.

  • Upselling and Promotion of Complementary Products

It is easier for a customer to infer that a product is designed for them if it is given in context. A subtle inclusion of a laptop or shirt cuff can suggest that a particular product is designed for a busy high flyer.

Different products can require different approaches. If you have highly detailed or small objects, they are likely to benefit from white backgrounds, while design related products are likely to benefit from being photographed in context.

Steve Wagner of Wagner Photo-grafx has been helping to showcase businesses products and services for many years. Looking to connect with your customers in new ways? Contact Steve at Wagner Photo-grafx for a professional photo shoot. 

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