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Focus Stacking Ring

Focus Stacking

Lighting is important in any photography setup but equally important is focus. If your goal is to have the entire product in sharp focus, a small lens aperture may not be enough, especially when performing macro photography. A deeper depth of field can be achieved with a technique called Focus Stacking.

Focus stacking is a digital technique that involves layering a succession of photos, each with a different focus point, and then blending them together. Photoshop (and other software) allows you to generate a totally crisp image by recognizing portions of each image that are in focus.

It’s critical to have your camera locked down for this to minimize movement. Then you shoot a series of photos, progressively shifting the point of focus from the closest point moving toward the back.

In the above ring shot I took several images and then aligned them in Photoshop to produce a final image that was sharp throughout.

SUMMARY:   You’ll see how simple it is to focus stack an image if you follow the instructions below. You can have a sharp image from beginning to end in just five steps. These steps are summarized below:

  • For the focus stack, choose your images.
  • In Photoshop, open your files and align them (using Scripts or Photomerge)
  • Using the Auto-Blend Images option, combine layers.
  • Save your processed file.
  • Begin retouching your photo.

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