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What Happens on a Corporate Photography Shooting Day?

Many business owners understand the value of custom images to boost their profile and supercharge their marketing efforts. Real photographs of your products, employees, and location is a great way to build trust with potential and returning customers. Hiring a professional corporate photographer to craft your images is a smart move, and you will find yourself involved in a real life photo shoot. So, what can you expect to happen on a corporate photo shooting day?

Taking Photographs of Products
Before the day of the photo shoot arrives you will need to gather together a perfect sample of each product to photograph. Look through your inventory and find one of each product with the best condition packaging and make sure they are all clean and presentable. This will ensure that these items are ready for high definition close up shots that will capture them perfectly. A professional corporate photographer will have plenty of suggestions on how to shoot the products, and they will have the lights to get the best results.

Getting Your Staff Photographed

Your employees may have some reservations about being photographed for the business. This is understandable; most of us are not professional models, and participation in the shoot should always be voluntary. The best way to approach things is to make the day a fun team building event, and your employees will need plenty of advance warning to prepare. Every member of staff should arrive at the shoot well turned out and wearing the appropriate business clothing. This will help in your branding, and it’s a great idea to order some fresh business attire ahead of the day for a really professional look.

Many photographers like to shoot their subjects early in the day so that they look bright and alert. This is also the best time to take establishing shots of your business location because the morning sunlight could be shining. A great photographer will try to be as unobtrusive as possible so that disruption to your business is kept to the absolute minimum. If the employees are getting headshots, you can expect them to be away from their station for around 15-20 minutes at the most. Some photogenic employees may be asked to model products or pose for a supplied service such as holding a delivery box or using a particular tool. This could take a little longer, and this will have to be factored into that employee’s duties for the day.

Having Your Facility Photographed

Pick out locations at your place of business that best illustrate what you do. In a factory, we may shoot a machine that makes your product. In a more service-oriented business, we may photograph an employee at work. Think about how the images will be used ahead of time to guide your photographer. If you really want to get in the weeds you can supply your photographer with sketches or illustrations of your ideas for the shoot.

Some Things to Bear in Mind

Professional corporate photographers may ask each subject to sign a model release before they take a photograph. This will protect your business and the photographer if the images are used later on for other marketing campaigns. Always tell your photographer what the images will be used for and the formats that you need. This should be done ahead of the shoot day if you need those images quickly. Finally, have fun on the day, a photo shoot is an interesting experience, natural smiles are the order of the day, and if you’re enjoying yourself, your staff will join in the fun.

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